Nature Photography

I started taking photographs for my own interest but I now also contribute to the stock library. My pictures are mostly UK nature and I'm really pleased that some have been useful to broadcasters and publishers in Europe and America. The thumbnails here lead to my stock on alamy.


Dragonflies & Damselflies

Most Dragonflies here were photographed on the Somerset Levels & Mendip Hills. Some of the upland species are from the Lake District.

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fritillaries in flight

Butterflies & Moths

Butterflies and various Moths from around the UK. Large Blues from the Polden Hills, High Brown Fritillaries from Arnside Knott, Cumbria.

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Somerset Levels: Wetland, Grassland and Farmland. Lake District: Upland, Mountains, Lakes and Rivers. Cornish Coastland.

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Swan wells


Fulmars and Stonechats on the North Cornish Coast - Turnstones at Padstow and Starling Murmurations & Wildfowl on the Somerset Levels.

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Fungi & Lichen

Fungi and a variety of lichens including Rhizocarpon geographicum on top of Geat End, Lake District.

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Plants & Trees

Seeds, Fruit, Berries, Wild Flowers.

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General Insects & Spiders

Bush-crickets, Beetles, Fly species, Bugs and Spiders.

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Grass snake & Lizards

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