Field Recording

My wildlife recordings are available to listen to here and on Soundcloud. To licence a track for use, please get in touch to discuss details. Most recordings are available up to 24bit/192khz.

Easter Day in the Garden

  • Wells, Somerset
  • Mid April

The dawn chorus - Wells Cathedral tolling the bell mid morning - late afternoon at the blossom.

Drumming Woodpecker

  • King's Castle Wood, Somerset
  • Mid April

Until the mid 20th century there was debate about how the great spotted woodpecker makes its drumming sound - some believed it was produced vocally. In 1943 Norman Pullen placed a microphone inside a tree branch and showed that the sound is created by the frequency of taps resonating with the timber.

Nightingale Dawn Chorus

  • Somerset Levels
  • Early May

This is a short edit from a longer recording made between 3 and 5am. From the start, the nightingale is accompanied by booming bitterns and tawny owls. Gradually more songs can be heard as well as activity from geese and other waterfowl.

Barking Roe Deer

  • Somerset Levels
  • Late May

If disturbed, roe deer will sometimes make a barking alarm sound.

Barbezières Night Chorus

  • Charente, France
  • Mid June

This late night chorus of frogs and crickets was recorded on wet grassland just outside the commune of Barbezières. The area has a good population of western whip snakes.

Grasshopper Warbler

  • Somerset Levels
  • Mid June

The distinctive reeling song of the grasshopper warbler is high pitched and can be difficult to locate. Their numbers have declined in recent years and they are now a Red List species.